Monday, July 28, 2014

AGU13 - NASA Social in San Fransciso

In December 2013, I was honored to be one of 20 applicants selected to attend the NASA Social hosted at the American Geophysicist's Union Annual Fall Meeting - a week-long international conference in San Francisco that that attracts 20,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students and policy makers from around the world. 

In the process, I received possibly the most interesting scientific conference badge I've ever been issued. Apparently I was grouped as a member of the "NASA Council", which was totally news to me. Not to mention I had no clue what the NASA Council is or its role at AGU 2013, nor did anyone else I asked at the conference. Google revealed no clues either, since I'm pretty sure the badge did not mean to refer to the NASA Advisory Council (NAC).

Could someone fill me in on the back story, if any?

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