Saturday, May 5, 2012

Revisiting STS-133 ~ Discovery's Last Mission ~

Among those who were invited to participate in the NASA Tweetup (now NASA Social) at Kennedy Space Center to watch Discovery's last launch, STS-133 is often referred to as "The longest tweetup". 

Discovery was originally scheduled to launch on Nov. 1, 2010. The launch was scrubbed at the last minute. Hope remained alive for about a week that Discovery would launch soon, but it was not to be. Several additional launch dates in early November were also scrubbed. In the end, Discovery had to be moved from the launch pad back into the hangar for additional work. 

Discovery STS-133 finally launched on February 24, 2011. Many of the tweetup attendees traveled to Florida twice in hopes of seeing the launch. After four months of anticipation and disappointments, experiencing the long-awaited last launch of Discovery was a sensory and emotional high that STS-133 tweetup attendees are still talking about today.

Among the STS-133 tweetup guests was fellow space geek and violinist @tallulah_kidd, who was so inspired by the magnificence of the launch that she spontaneously played her violin at Kennedy Space Center. Her music is pure improvisation after seeing Discovery off on its final mission. 

At the Vehicle Assembly Building 

Serenading Robonaut


Below is a special STS-133 bonus - 
William Shatner's wake-up call to Discovery's crew on orbit during the last mission: 


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