Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to build a Saturn V in your own backyard

Funny things can happen on Twitter. Or, more precisely, because of the connections we create there. 

I enjoy following Martin Stojanovski @martincco in Slovakia. He is an interesting and enthusiastic European spacetweep who posts in several languages. I like to puzzle out his Russian language posts. He is also a lot of fun - I have photo proof. 

At the end of last month, Martin tweeted about the local winter weather and the possibility of building a snowman the next day. That inspired me to reply "Forget snowmen. Build a snow rocket!" I suggested the Saturn V for starters, and invited Twitter luminary @DrVonBraun to provide assistance with technical and engineering issues. 

Here is the result - I was delighted to see it. I think building snow rockets should be a required space geek activity for those who live in climates with snowfall. 

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