Friday, October 5, 2012

Elon Musk answers my question about manned missions

I almost missed it. 

However, thanks to @serenityhanley and @libbydoodle, who recognized my twitter handle during today's Google+ hangout with NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and tweeted about it, I just watched Elon Musk answer my question (submitted via twitter):

@NASA @SpaceX What's the timeline for the 1st manned #Dragon flight to the #ISS? How are NASA & SpaceX collaborating in that area? #askNASA

Go to 8:07 to hear Elon's answer:

Three years to manned spaceflight for SpaceX, four years for manned missions to the International Space Station. That's fairly soon, considering SpaceX is building its own rockets and spacecraft from the ground up. I truly wish, however, that the Soyuz wasn't our only current option for manned missions to the ISS. Don't forget to watch on Sunday, October 7, when SpaceX will launch its first Falcon 9 / Dragon supply mission to the ISS under contract with NASA from Kennedy Space Center. The launch is scheduled for 8:35 pm EDT / 5:35 pm PDT. Both NASA and SpaceX will carry live feeds.  UPDATE - October 8, 2012 During last night's pre-launch SpaceX webcast, John Insprucker also answered my question! I was just hanging out, watching the webcast in anticipation of the launch when I did a double take "Wait, that's me!"  Thank you Elon and John for both taking the time to answer!


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